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about us

About us

Enchanted Films is the premier provider of video production services in Perth and the surrounding areas, specializing in weddings and events. We are one of the very few wedding videography companies that offer multi-camera coverage as standard.

Our wedding videographers have been filming weddings in Perth for over a decade; therefore they have developed enormous experience and reputation in the industry. Throughout our years working as videographers, we noticed a service lacking in the local wedding videography business: the ability to utilize multiple HD cameras. When combined with a unique editing approach, it is possible to make multi-camera packages more affordable. While most wedding videographers offer one camera packages, we recognised the fact that having multiple cameras as standard would offer the viewers a dynamic movie style viewing experience.

Our Specialties

Today, Enchanted Films is staffed by select highly skilled videographers with a unique blend of specialties. The vast majority of our videographers have tertiary qualifications in film production, and all of our professionals possess an innate natural talent and come with years of experience in filming weddings and major events.

In addition to offering wedding videos, pre-wedding shoots, multi-camera services and live broadcasts, Enchanted Films also provides:


Commercial Video Production

  • Training and induction videos
  • Product demonstrations
  • Intro videos for websites
  • Video testimonials
  • Medical operation videos
  • Scientific research
  • Online video presentations
  • Events and seminars

Marketing and Entertainment Videos

  • Real estate videos
  • TV commercials
  • Web commercials
  • Music videos

Post-Production Services

  • Professional editing in a variety of forms
  • Tape to DVD/Blu-ray/ Digital conversions
  • Film to DVD/Blu-ray/Digital conversions

Our Philosophy

At our core, we are deeply committed to each and every one of our clients as well as to our company and its artists. While there are a lot of talented film makers, Enchanted Films only teams up with highly creative, customer-service oriented professionals in the industry. This approach is one of many reasons why we have quickly become one of the most sought after videography companies in Perth.

Our team members live and breathe film production, and this passion creates an exciting, professional work environment that allows our creative sides to shine. Our business culture is based on three very effective strategies:

Flexibility: We understand that a healthy work-life balance allows our creative minds to thrive, which is why Enchanted Films offers its team members exceptional flexibility, increasing overall productivity.

Diversity: While we all share the same passion, we are all innately different, and these unique qualities are what make Enchanted Films what it is. We respect each other’s’ differences in work style and perspective, creating a supportive atmosphere that allows each one of us to be our best selves. In this environment, we are constantly pushed to grow and thrive by being exposed to new ideas and philosophies. And this only improves our creative talents and productivity.

Motivation: While a love for the job and the world of film is often enough drive in and of itself, Enchanted Films offers our crew a wide range of incentives and awards to recognise outstanding performance.

Enchanted Films believes that the only way to provide our clients with the skill, professionalism, and creativity they deserve is to attract and keep highly-motivated and skilled artists. Between this philosophy and our deep dedication to customer service, Enchanted Films excels in both production and client retention. In fact, our extensive business is almost entirely run on word-of-mouth referrals.

Contact us today to learn why Enchanted Films is the go-to provider for Videography services in Perth.