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Dynomedia is our sister company that specialises in providing media production services for all occasions, from TV commercials, crafting a video portfolio for your website, video streaming to video/photography services for any event.

Commercial Video Production

  • Training and induction videos
  • Product demonstrations
  • Intro videos for websites
  • Video testimonials
  • Medical operation videos
  • Scientific research
  • Online video presentations
  • Events and seminars

Marketing and Entertainment Videos

  • Real estate videos
  • TV commercials
  • Web commercials
  • Music videos

Post-Production Services

  • Professional editing in a variety of forms
  • Tape to DVD/Blu-ray/ Digital conversions
  • Film to DVD/Blu-ray/Digital conversions

Training Video

Gone are the days when employees would have to sit through hours of boring inductions, which
 they never remember anyway. Training videos are made to attract an employee’s interest in the issue
 and when produced with an innovative and interesting script, complemented by humor, the statistics
 show that employees retain that memory for longer.
The video will improve safety, set standards and reduce accidents/incidents. The Induction Process 
will become more efficient.
More and more companies are turning to training videos every day and there has never been a better
 time to budget for a product that will pay for itself multiple folds.
Give us a call for an obligation free consultation.

TV Commercials

Selling a product is just as important as the existence of the product itself. It is absolutely 
imperative for the campaign to deliver persuasive messages in very limited airtime.
As we know, in real life we have three seconds to make the first impression, but in television we
usually have 30 and the TVC will have to be designed to make every single one of them count
towards the better. So if you are tired of everyday TVC’s where people scream out loud that they 
are closing down for the last time or offering a once a year weekend sale every week, talk to us.
Here at Dynomedia we understand the need to convey clear, concise and persuasive messages 
within the confines of the limited airtime, while preserving the integrity of the campaign with high
production value.

Medical Video

One of the reasons that makes Dynomedia stand out, is that we are able to film medical procedures such as operating theatres. We are one of the very few people in Perth that offer this, and we promise to endeavor to bring you the highest quality production done at a professional level. We will happily try to cater to your budget and requirements.

Please have a browse through our video production portfolio.


  • 77% of online Australians watch video content on their computer
  • People retain up to 500% more information from video than that of text
  • Video on a web page increases response rates by an average of 45%
  • When watched by visitors, video makes them 95% more likely to buy the product shown
  • Video will increase from 30% of internet traffic to 90% of internet traffic by 2013 (* Predicted by Cisco Survey/Research in 2010)
  • People are more likely to watch a quick 2-minute video demonstration than they are to read a long wall of text
  • Having your own video on the major sites drastically increases the chances of exposure
  • A video review can show things to the consumer that simply cannot be conveyed effectively through text or still photographs

* The above facts are from Nielsen Online, Forrester Surveys, ComScore Surveys and Cisco Surveys.

The experts at Dynomedia will deliver a highly personalised service that captures your unique vision — all at a price that works for your budget!

Don’t settle for the ordinary; demand the extraordinary!

Contact Dynomedia today to discover what our video production services in Perth can do for your company. Call 08 9444 4144.

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