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Bride’s Preparation


You’ve spent months, maybe even years, planning your big day. And as it quickly approaches, stress tends to shift into high gear: while you have your menu set, venue booked, dress picked out, and videographer scheduled, the last minute details will make or break your big day. And perhaps the single most important last detail of your big wedding is you, yourself, getting ready.

You know what helps with those small tasks? Any easy to digest, simple to follow list. So, in an effort to relieve some of the anxiety you may be experiencing as your big day approaches, we’ve compiled just that.

24 hours before: Enjoy a healthy, low carb lunch and dinner. While you may want to drown your stress away in a big bowl of pasta or sugary donuts, carbs cause bloating, and that’s the last thing you want when you’re shimming into that perfectly-tailored wedding dress.

The night before: Wash your face with time-tested favourites, not new goodies to avoid any adverse reactions. Get plenty of sleep without the help of any alcohol and guzzle some water a few hours before you hit the sack (as early as possible) so you wake up glowing and refreshed.

The morning of: Enjoy a light, protein rich breakfast with friends. Take a nice, warm shower complete with your favourite body products, shampoos and the like. When it comes to your hair, however, talk to your hair dresser first – she or he may prefer day-old hair or a fresh wash, depending on the style you have planned.

Before you start getting ready: Apply a bit of tinted moisturizer, very lightly, if you plan on having your videographer film you getting ready. This ensures that you look glowing and youthful even before your hair and makeup teams arrive. Wear a clean, oversized button down shirt as you go about your morning: stray face powder can ruin your lace bodice if you get into your dress early, and an old-shirt will smudge your eyeliner as you pull it over your head. Enjoy a light, protein rich snack, and brush your teeth thoroughly (of course).

Hair and makeup: Start your routine, with any professional help, about two to three hours before the ceremony, beginning with the hair. This leaves plenty of time for getting ready while also ensuring that your locks and face are fresh for the big moment. Note – if your dress goes over the head, put this on first and cover it with a hair dresser’s cape as you proceed with hair and makeup.

The dress: About 30 minutes before slip into your gown. This leaves time for adjustments as necessary, but limits any wrinkling or other mishaps that can occur.

As you wait: Only drink water and keep sitting to a minimum, especially if you’re waiting outside. Have your bridesmaids or mom check you over one last time, ensuring every button is secure, there’re no stray threads and that your hair and makeup are flawless.

What’s next? Enjoy the most memorable day of your life, all while looking positively stunning!