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Top Tips for Finding and Working with Your Wedding Videographer in Perth


Working with your wedding videographer is a lot like any other business arrangement: communication is vital, and finding someone who you work well with is imperative. Yet when you’re dealing with a wedding emotions run high and effective communication can often get lost in the hustle of reception planning, flower arrangements, honeymoon bookings, and more. Here are the top tips to keep in mind when finding and working with a professional wedding videographer in Perth.

Making Your Choice

Interview, interview, interview. No matter how talented a videographer is or how many amazing recommendations or experience he has, if your personalities don’t mesh well, you aren’t going to be happy with the experience. During the interview process, ask how he envisions the end video, the steps the he will take to ensure your special moment is captured on film without any crazy-obtrusive camera work, and similar questions. As you talk, get a feel for how easy the he will be to work with. If you wouldn’t be able to at least have coffee comfortably, there’s likely a better wedding videographer in Perth for you.

Be specific about what you want to see. Anyone can show you a stunning wedding video (if they’re a decent enough videographer), but when you’re looking for examples of work, specifically ask for pieces that the videographer feels best exemplifies you and your future spouse based on your consultation. If you love a mixed media vibe, with a few more home-movie-like shots cut into a cinematic wedding video, ask to see something like that. This will show, relatively quickly, if the wedding videographer can deliver on what you want.

Discuss the venue. Having your venue in mind before you start interviewing wedding videographers is important; after all, if you want to get married on a yacht and you’re talking to a wedding videographer that’s easily sea sick, you may want to go with someone else. Knowing the venue also gives the wedding videographer plenty of time to prep for lighting, cameras, setups and other equipment, ensuring you get the best wedding video quality possible.

Developing a Working Relationship

Talk. If you change something about the wedding during the planning stage, let your wedding videographer know. From lighting to the reception location to the layout of the ceremony, she needs to be able to setup quickly and well, and ensure that she stays out of the way of the actual events going one 

Talk more. The best tip for working with a wedding videographer in Perth is to place him in contact with your photographer. Any professional worth his salt will likely ask for this in the first place, but a seamless working relationship between the people documenting your big day is essential.

Work with the videographer, not against him. It can be easy, when you hire someone, to think that you get to call all of the shots and that’s the end of it. And while any professional will gladly work with you and cater to your wants and needs, there are ways that you can get the best wedding video from the best wedding videographer in Perth. Discuss the ceremony and reception, including the direction you plan to face, where your wedding party will be positioned, and even the lighting. By including her in the planning stages, you can both work together to ensure that the ceremony and reception flow seamlessly and leave room for amazing filming opportunities, including easy shots of the best moments: the walk down the aisle, the vows, the kiss, the toast, etc.

Invite him or her to the dress rehearsal. Yes, a wedding videographer can go into the event cold and do a good job. But he will be able to deliver even better results if he gets to see the big day in action. This allows for scouting out the most effective camera positions and even a bit of guidance for your wedding party to ensure the vows and ceremony are beautifully shot. By having them at the rehearsal, you get to do a dry run before the big day, which means no sudden changes in the midst of the whirlwind.

In the end, if you’re working with a professional videographer you’re going to get professional results. And at Enchanted Films, that’s exactly what we offer. Contact us today to organise an interview with one of our wedding videographers, let them show you what they do and answer questions that you may have. Call us now on  08 6336 7577