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Wedding Videography and Photography: One Company Versus Two


Planning a wedding is nothing short of a full-time job, which is why the wedding planning industry is booming in Australia. Whether you’re organizing a small affair with only close family and friends or an event of such immense magnitude that it’s akin to forming and running a small country, ultimately, the basic premise is the same: you need to become an employer, a contractor managing subcontractors, and sometimes, a dictator. Albeit a kind and reasonable one.

Even the smallest wedding requires that you hire out much of the work. From caterers to florists, set-up to break-down crews, photographers to videographers, the officiant to servers, and limo drivers and the like, the list can become quite long. And while you’re obviously going to choose the best companies within your budget, which means in theory, you’ll end up with a collection of incredibly experienced professionals, wedding planning comes down to getting all of those professionals on the same page and working together. With the end goal being a seamless, relatively stress-free, beautiful wedding. Of any size.

Yet when you bring a lot of different backgrounds and personalities together, there are bound to be mishaps, communication issues, and delays. So how do you avoid this?

By finding providers that offer a wide range of wedding services all under one roof. Opt for a venue that utilizes and manages its own in-house catering, or a caterer that provides set-up and break-down services. While these types of umbrella companies are useful, they can be hard to come by. And ultimately, it’s not required. After all, millions of couples hire out piece-meal for their weddings every single day and live to tell the tale.

However, when it comes to the artistic and practical elements of documenting your wedding, finding a provider that does both is essential. The videographer and photographer go hand-in-hand at a wedding, yet when they aren’t on the same page or don’t share the same views, the results can be disastrous. It can be something as simple as ending up with Picasso-esque photographs and a Hollywood-style wedding video to professionals getting into each other’s’ way, and yours, because they failed to plan and work together for the big day.

In the end, opting for a wedding photographer-videographer team provides you with enormous benefits.

It’s just simpler. Why find, interview, and manage two different companies and groups of people when you don’t have to? While a caterer and florist may not always go hand in hand, a photographer and videographer do.

It’s cheaper (but you don’t lose quality). Companies that handle both videography and photography are capable of providing competitive packages simply because you’re only paying for the overhead of one company, not two. Nine times out of ten, a videographer-photographer team is less expensive, and more qualified, than two companies specializing in either.

Your wedding day runs more smoothly. Even the best of professionals will have a hard time working together with someone they only met recently. But two professionals that have worked on endless weddings together have a unique compatibility that you simply can’t recreate. From the photographer knowing exactly where the videographer needs to be to get his or her shot, and vice versa, to both understanding the unique look and feel that you want in your photographs and video, chemistry is everything. And you can only get that chemistry from two people who have already worked out the kinks of. And on the big day, this certainly shows. You won’t have to worry about what the videographer or photographer is doing, and their collisions won’t interfere with your day, because there won’t be any. You end up with two people who can artistically and efficiently document your big day without actually having an impact on the event as it unfolds.

You get better results. You know what you want your documentation, from stills to live shots, to look like. And with a wedding photographer-videographer team, you only have to explain your desires once. In the end, you’ll have a seamless melding of two similar, yet distinct, art forms. From a montage of stills interwoven into a stunning video to the documentation of taking the actual photos, the results are beautiful and unified, giving you the most comprehensive and stunning memories of the best day of your life.

While choosing a cake artist separate from your caterer or opting for a different officiant than your venue provides can have its merits, choosing a single videography-photography company in lieu of two different providers is always the best choice. And the results speak for themselves.