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Wedding Videography Styles: A Primer

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When you’re looking for a wedding videography company in Perth, understanding the different styles of this art form can be helpful. Yes, you can discern what you want (or you at least have an idea), but knowing the terminology used to describe wedding videos can be helpful as you plan your big day and find the person who you want to document it.

Cinematic: Are you imagining your wedding video as something akin to a romance movie? Then this is the style for you. Shot with a strong attention to lighting, a steadiness of hand and a knack for finding the most beautiful moments, these videos are edited to create that “wow” factor you feel when watching a movie on the big screen. This will never be mistaken as a family video, and often includes a variety of specialized editing, including slow motion, montages against a backdrop of music, and high contrast colours. While the end result is beautiful, a wedding videography company in Perth offering this will likely have more than one professional on site, and there will be more interaction between the wedding videographers and your guests. This results in some fantastic behind the scene ‘mini congratulation’ speeches.

Traditional: If you love the idea of really reliving your wedding day, a traditional video is your best bet. Professionals from the wedding videography company of your choice will film the day from beginning to end and then edit it down just a bit without doing anything too artsy. This can be upwards of two hours long, and is perfect if you want to rehear your vows or watch the best man’s toast at the reception all over again in a few decades.

Journalistic: For the documentary film lover, this style of wedding videography is polished without being overly dramatic or burdened with specialized editing. Unlike a cinematic approach, there’s little interaction between the videographer and your guests, meaning you get to enjoy the day as it happens and then have a hard copy for viewing in the future.

Short Form: The exact opposite of a traditional wedding video, this style of wedding videography takes raw footage of the entire day and cuts it down to between 15 and 50 minutes. It can be cinematic or journalistic, and is perfect if you want to reminisce without setting aside an entire afternoon.

Outside of specific wedding videography styles, there are certain things that you can ask your videographer to include in your wedding film no matter what style you choose. Here are the basics:

Interviews: Whether with family and friends or you and your future spouse, interviews can work as voiceovers in a cinematic movie or as a part of a documentary-style video. While getting married is obviously about making a lifelong commitment, it’s also about making that commitment in front of family and friends, and hearing them tell stories about you as a person, or you both as a couple, decades from now will only add to the overall memory that the wedding video allows you to conjure.

Behind the scenes: From shots of both of you getting ready to the trip between ceremony and reception, including snippets of these situations creates a continuity between the time you arrive at the venue to the time you and your new spouse whisk away as husband and wife.

Montages: From moving shots to photos, a montage set to music can provide a break between longer speeches or work to create a picture of the day without including a lot of long scenes.

Artistic leeway: The wedding videography professionals in Perth are artists at heart, and creative editing and effects can turn your wedding video into an inventive masterpiece. From editing the video so that it moves backwards (from getting into the car to the airport to your nervous first steps down the aisle), to utilizing interviews to narrate the event, these touches are things you should discuss with your wedding videographer before the big day, and ask for examples of past projects featuring these ideas.

When it comes to wedding videography in Perth, there is so much more to the story than just setting up a few cameras and getting a disc in the mail weeks later. By understanding basic wedding videography terms and getting an idea as to the different styles, you can easily find a person that will give you the wedding video of your dreams. For a company that specialise in a wide range of styles, contact Enchanted Films today!